2015-16 Nov – Patrick Dougherty

September 7th, 2016

Patrick Dougherty –American Sculptor

Docent training on October 29th    (For November)­   Training session is held in the library at 7:00PM.


The Oklahoma born sculptor Patrick Dougherty creates large sculptures by weaving SAPLINGS and smaller sticks together to create large FORMs. Often his sculptures they are big enough to walk through! His sculptures inspire a sense of imagination and play in children and adults alike. Doughterty designs his sculptures to interact with the environment where they are created. Being made of natural materials, Dougherty’s sculptures slowly degrade and begin to decay over time.  The lifespan of one of his sculptures is about two years. Dougherty states, “The use of such EPHEMERAL materials means that the sculpture has the same life cycle as the sticks themselves, and ultimately it disintegrates and fades back into the landscape, becoming mulch for new life”.


In April of 2015, Dougherty constructed “A Bird in the Hand” at our own Reston Town Center Square Park.  Don’t miss visiting the sculpture in person, before it fades away….  Your Dranesville student will love seeing it, and walking through it, especially after learning all about the artist in GRACE Arts! It will be on view through spring of 2017.


Stickwork. Patrick Dougherty. Princeton Architectural Press. 2010



Patrick Dougherty’s website: http://www.stickwork.net/

Links to videos about Dougherty : http://www.stickwork.net/resources/

Bending Sticks: The sculpture of Patrick Dougherty. Penelope Maunsell and Kenny Dalsheimer, PenKen Productions. 2013. Film.



Greater Reston Arts Center, Reston Town Center Square Park, Reston, VA

The Renwick Gallery (Smithsonian), Washington, DC

Morris Arboretum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

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