2014-15 Nov-Native Amer.

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Native American Art –Beadwork and Crafts 

Docent training on OCTOBER 29th    (For Nov)­   Training sessions are held in the cafeteria at 9:30 AM and repeated at 7:00PM.  You need only attend one session.

Picture1The people who lived in North America before the arrival of Christopher Columbus came from many different TRIBES (family groups) and spoke many different languages (Cherokee, Comanche, Cree, Shawnee, Shoshone, Sioux, Apache, Oneida, Hopi, Navaho, Mohawk, Zuni, Arapaho, etc.)


Most tribes did not have a written language, but they passed their history, legends and personal narrative VERBALLY by telling stories, and VISUALLY through DRAWN DECORATIONS (on wood, bark, animal skins or pottery) and PETROGLYPHS.  Petroglyphs were picture designs of events drawn on flat rocks or the walls of caves with colored pigment….



Come Look with Me – Exploring Native American Art with Children, Stephanie Salamon

Native American Rock Art, Messages from the Past, Yvette La Pierre

Pueblo Storyteller, Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith

Children of Clay – A Family of Pueblo Potters, Rina Swentzell

The Art of the North American Indian, Shirley Glubok

The Anasazi (A New True Book), David Peterson

North American Indian Masks, Frieda Gates (FCPL 970.67 G)

Traditional Crafts from Native North America, Florence Temko, (FCPL 745.5 T)

Traditional Native American Arts & Activities, Arlette N. Braman, (FCPL 970.67 B)


www.nmai.si.edu/ – Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

www.nativetech.org/ – Eastern Woodland

www.artnatam.com/links.html – list of Native American links for art, tribes, etc.

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