2016-17 Apr African Masks

September 26th, 2017

African Masks 

Docent training on March 30th    (For April)­   Training session is held in the library at 7:00PM.  

Picture1African masks were a major part of the cultural traditions and ceremonies of the agricultural groups of western and central Africa. These mask ceremonies were held for many different occasions but mainly to teach people about the past and pass down wisdom and experiences from one generation to the next. African masks are frequently carved out of one piece of wood and were decorated with other materials. Many early 20th century artists, such as Pablo Picasso and the German Expressionists, were influenced by the simple, elongated forms and flat planes and exaggerated forms used by African Masks to show feelings and emotions.



Washington, DC => National Museum of African Art
Maryland => Baltimore Museum of Art (Baltimore)
Virginia => Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond)

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